Fully Automatic Palletizer

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The Fully Automatic Palletizer is suitable for the automatic die-cutting machine, automatic box gluer, automatic nailing machine and automatic stacking of the post-process of the linkage line of corrugated cardboard boxes, and can realize the automatic stacking of packed and unpacked boxes. According to the product stacking method requirements, set and switch the corresponding stacking method in the operating system for stacking. There are multiple stacking methods set in the system. It is convenient and quick to change money in one minute, which saves you labor and improves work efficiency. Intelligent linkage.

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Technical parameter

Model SC-1800MD
Machine size(L*W*H) 14290mm*5000mm*3500mm
Finished product size after stacking Max:1700mm*1700mm*1800mm
Single bundle product size Max:1700mm*1700mm*250mm
Single layer paper size Min:1500mm*1500mm
Pallet size Max:1500mm*1500mm*150mm
Single layer Max load 15KG
Single pallet Max load 180KG
Lifting stack speed 4 layers/minute (Note: limit speed)
Rotation positioning speed 10 bundles/minute (Note: the interval between each bundle is more than 6 seconds)
Power 15KW
Weight 9T
Remarks: The maximum and minimum dimensions of the palletizing product do not include the height of the ground conveyor. The height of the ground conveyor is: 350mm±10 mm, and the speed is: 20m/min.


Interval front and back flip mechanism (optional purchase): According to the stacking needs, the front and back flip mode is selected by PLC setting (the front and back flips for each stack or stack), and the selected front and back sides are controlled by the divider.

Auto Rotator:

According to the demand of palletizing, the direction or angle to be rotated is set in the control system, and the steering mechanism is controlled by the servo motor to complete the rotation work in cycles.


■Positioning mechanism and single-layer stacking:

The rotated palletizing products are positioned before and after the palletizing requirements, and then the arrangement is automatically excluded from the single-layer palletizing method, and at the same time, the interlayer can be set to automatically place the separator paper.


Suitable for palletizing method:


■Single-layer lifting palletizing and pallet palletizing:

Single-layer products after palletized are sent to the lifting palletizing mechanism automatically. After the lifting palletizing mechanism rises to a certain height of the pallet stacking, the single-layer palletizing product is pushed to the pallet to complete the palletizing, and then the pallet is raised to the next layer of stacking height for circular stacking automatically. When the pallet reaches the specified height, the whole stack is automatically output, and at the same time, the pallet is automatically supplied by the automatic pallet feeding mechanism for the next palletizing work.


■Pallet automatic replenishment unit:

Pallet replenishment unit is divided into: pre-stacked board area and pallet automatic replenishment machine. When the pallet automatic unit is full of pallets that need to be replenished, the pallets that need to be replenished can be stacked manually or by a forklift in the pre-stacked area; the stacking method is based on the specified positioning of the pallet stacking Stacking, when the pallet stacker stacks the entire pallet according to the demand and automatically outputs it, the pallet waiting for the replenishment area is automatically transported to the designated position of the palletizer stacking product, and the automatic pallet replenishment unit starts to replenish a pallet Go to the pallet position in the waiting replenishment area and wait for the next pallet replenishment stacking; when the pallet replenishment of the automatic pallet replenishment unit is used up, the pre-queue pallet area starts with the stacked stack of pallets and is automatically transported to the pallet The board replenishment unit waits for replenishment.


Brand description of main items

Name Brand



Reducer motor Taiwan Shengbang  PLC FATEK
Inverter Panasonic Contactor Taiwan Shilin
Touch screen  Taiwan Hitech Thermal protection switch Simens,Germany
Air cylinder Taiwan Air TAC Relay Idec,Japan
Main bearing NSK,Jan Power switch Mitsubishi
Servo motot Yaskawa  Synchronizer Omron
Servo control FATEK Laser eye Panasonic
Photoelectric switch Panasonic Machine body wallboard 5mm thick bending plate, 150mm * 150mm square
Linear Slide Taiwan Hiwin Electromagnetic valve Air TAC
Button Schneider Photoelectric Eye Panasonic

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