Sheet baseband conveyor

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Sheet baseband conveyor is With linear conveyor and modular parts, which is easy to maintain.

  • Brand: GOJON
  • Manufactured place:: QINGDAO,CHINA
  • Size: Depends on customer requirement
  • Electrical brand: Simens,Schneider,etc
  • Capacity: 1000sets per year
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    The belt conveyor is With linear conveyor and modular parts, which is easy to maintain.

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    1. With linear conveyor and modular parts, which is easy to maintain.
    2. The max load is 1.5kg/cm, the max single load is 150Kg, and the max running speed is 20m/min.
    3. The max length of the line body is 6m. The recommended max width of the pallet is 640mm
    4. forward and reverse rotation is supported.
    5. Installing motors weighting more than 8kg is not supported in this line body driven module. Please contact the sale engineer for motor matching.

    Main techinical data

    Working pallet weight Max 30kg
    Working pallet size 160×160mm,240×240mm,320×320mm,400×400mm,480×480mm,640×640mm
    Type of working pallet Plastic, plastic steel, aluminum alloy
    conveying medium Special toothed belt
    convey speed 6/9/12/15/18m/min
    High repetition precision Max +/-0.015mm


    Factory automation, auto parts, electronic appliances, electronic equipment with electrostatic requirements, medical technology, optical industry etc

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