Auto Modular belt Conveyor system Plastics Conveyor system Cardboard Conveyor System

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Auto Modular belt Conveyor system Plastics Conveyor system Cardboard Conveyor System is high efficient downstream and processing system for modern corrugated cardboard and carton box factory.

Through the layout of the whole plant, one reasonable proposal is designed to realize automatic cardboard conveyor, and reduce manpower and material resources.

  • Brand: GOJON
  • Product origin: Qingdao,China
  • Size: Customzied
  • Delivery time: 30days
  • Supply capacity: 1000sets/month
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    If want to know more about our Conveyor system, please visit our whole factory conveyor system.

    Auto cardboard conveyor system can meet different requirements of corrugated cardboard conveying of different widths and lengths.

    The modular belt conveyor platform includes modular belt electric distributor, modular belt XY turner, and Auto roller conveyor line,etc, all can be designed according to customer’s idea. For example, one manufacturer who is specializing in the production of cardboard, no need to reprocess the cardboard, and the cardboard can be shipped after packaging, and the logistics system is relatively simple. The stacks of paper output by the stacker are transported to multiple docks in turn by the electric sorting car. Workers complete the package of cardboard at the docks. The entire transporting process of the stacks can be completed automatically or manually.

    The logistics system runs smoothly, high efficiently. For manufacturers with printing capabilities in the factory, the cardboard produce is directly forwarded to the next production process: die cutting, printing, box gluing, box nailing, and storage. In order to relieve the pressure of paper pallet transportation, such manufacturers need to design the entire plant logistics.

    Intelligentized Cardboard Conveyor System 

    1. Reducing labor cost 

    2. Facilitating operation 

    3. Satisfying the needs of the modern enterprise’s production and management

    Conveyor System on the Buffer Zone

    With the optimization of purchase orders and the upgrading of the speed of the line, the existing storage mode can’t satisfy the demand of the production capacity. However, GOJON expands the storage space greatly, lower the cost of transportation, improve the operating efficiency, ensure the tidiness & orderliness of the workshop and enable the limited storage space to create infinite value. 


    The Feed-in and Feed-out on the Processing Area

    In response to the constant upgrading of printing machine and die-cutting machine, GOJON conveyor system solved the problems of human handling fatigue and low conveying efficiency, To make processing equipment develop efficient capacity of printing machine and die-cutting machine, realize the intelligent operation on the processing area.


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