Drive Roller Conveyor Automatic Roller Conveyor Power Roller Manual Roller

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Drive Roller Conveyor  Automatic Roller Conveyor Power Roller Manual Roller is the roller type conveyor system.

Drive roller conveyor is the power roller type conveyor system, also named automatic roller and transporter, it is one kind of whole factory conveyor system, and mainly transport the cardboards, carton boxes to appointted position automatically.

For the manual roller conveyor, it need to remove the motor,etc power device. Workers push and pull the conveyor by hand to transport the products on conveyor.

  • Brand: GOJON
  • Manufactured place: QINGDAO,CHINA
  • Size: Depends on customer requirement
  • Electrical brand: Simens,Schneider,etc
  • Capacity: 1000sets per year
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    Drive roller conveyor is High efficient downstream conveyor and processing system for modern corrugated cardboard production line and printer line.

    If want to know more about our Conveyor system, please visit our whole factory conveyor system.


    Name Description
    1 Size Depends on customer requirement
    2 Running speed Max 30m/min
    3 Height from ground Drive type Roller conveyor: 350+/-30 mm

    Lifting table in Drive Roller: 1300mm

    4 PLC Simens
    5 Frequency converter Simens
    6 Sensor Omron
    7 Low-voltage apparatus Schneider
    8 Roller φ63.5*3 galvanized steel pipe
    9 Distance between roller 75mm
    10 Motor Wanxin 1.5KW
    11 Bottom Frame 120*60mm rectangular steel
    12 Chain Chain transmission with friction gear

    Drive Type Roller Conveyor

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