Auto PE film wrapping machine

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Auto PE film wrapping machine

Technical parameters

Wrapping Specifications: Customization

Production capacity: 30 pallets/hour

Cantilever speed: 0-18rpm

Power: 2.5kw

Machine weight: 1500kg

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

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Automatic rocker arm wrapping machine

 (1) Technical parameters

Wrapping Specifications Customization
Production capacity 30 pallets/hour
Cantilever speed 0-18rpm
Power 2.5kw
Machine weight 1500kg
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

(2) Equipment composition

a) Swivel arm parts

• Consists of swing arm and rocker arm

• Rectangular tube made of high-quality steel sheet

• The main frame and the surface of the rotating arm are sprayed

• The rotation of the arm is connected by a slewing support, which is stable and reliable

• Arm speed: 0-18rpm, the speed is adjustable by frequency conversion, and the arm can be accurately positioned

• Arm with electromagnetic brake

• Power of rotary arm reducer: 1.5kw

• The lifting and lowering of the membrane frame adopts chain drive, and the chain adopts 08B standard roller chain

• Lifting speed: 0-56mm/s, the lifting speed is adjustable by frequency conversion

• Lifting reducer (turbine reducer) Power: 0.55kw

• The rotating arm is equipped with a travel switch to control the up and down travel of the mold base

b) Membrane holder system

• Made of high-quality steel

• Pickling, phosphating and spraying after production

• Pre-stretching film frame: the stretching ratio is 1:2.5, the film is automatically fed, and the feeding speed is adjustable

• The film is easy to come out, just pull it, and the film frame will automatically stop running. Film feeding motor 0.37KW

• The proximity switch controls the film to send out, which is sensitive and reliable.

• The speed of the film feeding motor is adjustable, and the photoelectric switch is installed on the film frame to automatically detect the height of the goods.

c) Automatic film breaking system

• Made of high-quality rectangular tubes and steel plates Pickling, phosphating, and plastic spraying after production

• Using air cylinder to control the film and the film, the transformer and the electric heating wire are used to realize the film breaking.

• Compressed air: 0.6-0.8Mpa

• Quality: Oil-free and water-free air.

d) Electronic control system:

• PLC programmable control, the number of winding layers and times can be adjusted, and the height of the goods can be automatically sensed.

• The number of winding turns on the top and bottom layers can be set randomly and freely.

• The rotation of the arm and the lifting of the membrane frame can be adjusted by frequency conversion, which is easy to operate.

• It is easy to control the packaging effect.

• Cargo start and stop are controlled by photoelectric switch.

e) Air control system

• Pneumatic control system adopts solenoid valve, pressure reducing valve control

• Equipped with oil-water separator

Fully Auto Wrapping machine  PLC Inovance
Inverter Inovance
Proximity switch Inovance
Photoelectric switch Panasonic/OMRON
Film Feeding Motor China famous brand
Lifting motor China famous brand
Cantilever motor China famous brand

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