GOJON was invited to participate The 23rd “Packaging. Printing.– OZBEKinPRINT 2023″ International Exhibition.

The 23rd “Packaging. Printing.– OZBEKinPRINT 2023” International Exhibition was held from 28 to 30 March 2023 in Tashkent. GOJON CEO Gavin Wang was invited to participate the Exhibition.


GOJON mainly showed the whole factory logistics system ,including paper roll logistics, cardboard module belt logistics, and cardboard roller logistics, and automatic palletizer and Strapping &Wrapping line, and carton intelligent equipment (including Automatic prefeeder, double-sided easy tearing appplication machine, etc).


Uzbekistan International Packaging and Printing Industry Exhibition, held in Tashkent every year since 1999, is an important professional exhibition in Central Asia and the only professional packaging and printing industry exhibition in Uzbekistan. It is one of a series of packaging and printing exhibitions hosted by ITE. The exhibition brings together industry experts from around the world, and has received strong support from the Uzbek government, providing exhibitors with a platform to directly face professional buyers from Uzbekistan, Russia, and Central Asia. 


This year’s exhibition will also set up an industry summit and invite important economic experts from Uzbekistan to conduct industry market analysis, which not only helps foreign products enter the market of Uzbekistan smoothly, but also provides convenience for customers to understand the local market. Meanwhile, the Uzbekistan Rubber and Plastic Exhibition held in the same period is also the largest and most professional rubber and plastic industry exhibition in Central Asia.


Although the packaging industry in Uzbekistan is still in an emerging stage, its development is quite rapid, and companies in the industry urgently need to establish an installation production line.


Based on Uzbekistan’s political and economic stability and superior geographical location, Uzbekistan has a significant investment attraction. With the vigorous development of basic industries and modernization in Uzbekistan, many multinational enterprises have invested and established factories in the country. Uzbekistan and the serious aging of domestic equipment, it is necessary to introduce a batch of new packaging and printing processing equipment, which also brings unlimited business opportunities for Chinese enterprises.

After exhibition, GOJON CEO Gavin Wang visited the local famous carton box factories, and be warmly welcomed. Next step, will negotiate and keep further cooperation. 



For all enterprises in Uzbekistan, packaging not only plays a role in protecting and preserving goods, but also is an important marketing tool. Especially in the international market, packaging is even more crucial.

Post time: Apr-06-2023